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Design & Code Day 9.9.2017 in Berlin/MunichDesign & Code Day 9.9.2017 in Berlin/Munich


On 9.9.2017, we are organizing a Design & Code Day to bring the ideas from the Digital Design Sprint to the next level. The Design & Code Day will take place in parallel in Berlin and Munich, where capable and creative people will get hands on and built clickable prototypes for selected features of an „inspirational platform“, based on the needs and challenges we analyzed in the Digital Design Sprint.

From April on Interviews have been conducted with people from the German Public Sector. Based on these interviews, on June 22nd & 23rd the 2 day Digital Design Sprint (DDS) took place in Potsdam to kick-start the co-creative process with stakeholders from the public sector like the Chancellory, the Berlin Senat, the Federal Office for Work, political foundations, federal research institutions with creatives, techies, consultants:

We are about to synthesize the results from the DDS. The ideas and needs of the participants vary from the original concept of the inspirational platform – from the interviews and the DDS it emerged that self-organization for inspiring exchange seem crucial. Civil servants and other public sector champions need support, tools and platforms leveraging these interactions and encouraging them to bring innovative and co-creative methods and cultural change into their own organizations.

The aim of the Design & Code Day is to combine creative expertise with the already analysed needs to create a clickable prototype for one concept that can be subsequently tested by Public Sector Champions. It’ll be informal, fun and hands-on.

• What have we done so far: 
framing, research, content, building network
• What is planned for the workshop: 
design & prototyping of modular features to meet user needs (clickable prototype)
• What can we offer after the workshop: 
organizing and coordinating the testing, building the network and community
• What is needed after the testing: 
realization and implementation of tested prototypes

The P4T Inspirational Platform project is about raising awareness, inspiring and equipping civil servants and people working in politics or public administration in Germany with a collection of innovative cases (best practices and lessons learned) and methods. The aim is to encourage civil servants to work in a more human-centered, agile way and build a creative culture in the german public sector.

“In order to encourage interested people in politics and administration, we would like to present existing local examples of this work and German-language materials that describe concrete methods and procedures. With the support of the Hans Sauer Foundation and Heinrich Boell Foundation in cooperation with our project partners, the staatslabor (Switzerland) and the Innovation in Politics Institute (Austria), we plan to develop an inspiration platform in which innovative case studies from politics and administration in Germany, Austria and the Switzerland are collected and made visible to the public. These descriptions are supplemented by a bibliography and a toolkit of methods. The aim is to disseminate and promote innovative and co-creative methods of working and learning in the German-speaking world.”