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Innovations for learning societies

nextlearning believes in facing the challenges of the 21st century, engaging in dialogue with them and working actively towards a sustainable future. We create and support formats that make space for innovation. We describe our work as Creative Transformation Services. Our capabilities include the design of workshops and events, including moderation, visualization and knowledge processing.

The organizer is a registered non-profit organisation that exists since 2012. Our team consists of artists, designers, social entrepreneurs and scientists. Since 2007, the founders Caroline Paulick-Thiel and Susanne Stövhase have enthusiastically developed projects that combine creative resources with societal learning. This is based on the belief that an encounter with a new culture of learning is a key component for the transformation process towards a sustainable society:

“With Politics for Tomorrow, we wish to provide tangible insights into projects that are interdisciplinary, collective and relevant – developed and implemented at the intersection of government and civil society. Our aim is to explore the possibilities of co-creative design processes together with you, with a view toward a livable and sustainable future.”

Check out our ‘Politics for Tomorrow’ team – getting everything ready to meet you in October 2015:


Caroline Paulick-Thiel

Host & Initiator

As a cofounder of nextlearning, Caroline’s work focusses the connection of Design (BA) and Public Policy (MA). Her expertise includes process design, strategic development and facilitation of cross-sectoral learning settings in the fields of sustainable development and responsible research and innovation. She is part of the Forschungswende project team, a civil society platform promoting transparency and participation in research and innovation policy.


Susanne Stövhase

Host & Initiator

Susanne is an expert on 21st century learning and a cofounder of nextlearning. She is a change maker in the field of educational transformation and connects Fine Art (BA) with Public Policy (MA) in her academic background. She has comprehensive experience in project development, knowledge processing, the design of learning environments and workshop facilitation. As a social entrepreneur and co-founder of two schools, she is in the core team of the Education Innovation Lab at the ESBZ school in Berlin.


Andrea Augsten

Workshop Facilitation & Conference Support

Originally trained as a graphic & process designer, Andrea has been active in the development of human centered future visions for business, social design and design education for more than 7 years. She is Co-Founder of the research group design:transfer focusing the transfer between design research and praxis fostering their dialog. In 2015 she was appointed to the »Think Tank 30« of the Club of Rome. Next to her position as a PhD Candidate within the Innovation IT Team at Volkswagen AG, she enjoys to share her professional work experience in part time teaching & coaching.


Svenja Bickert

Workshop Facilitation & Conference Support

Svenja is one of the founders of the Future Flux innovation lab in Wiesbaden and holds diploma in Design and Design Futures (MA). As a service design consultant for the social innovation agency FutureGov (UK), in 2013 she built an innovation lab to develop solutions and new social innovations together with the management. With MySocialCity she works with the city of Wiesbaden. Her expertise is in (social) service design, Design Thinking and innovation labs.


Katrin Dribbisch

Workshop Facilitation

Trained as a Political Scientist, Katrin is currently a DFG PhD Fellow at the University of Potsdam where she is exploring the application of Design Thinking in public administrations. Prior to that she worked at the Social Science Research Center Berlin. As an alumna of the HPI School of Design Thinking she has been conducting Design Thinking workshops and trainings for more than five years. In 2011 she also co-founded Service Design Berlin, a professional network in the field of service design.


Alexis Eremia

Workshop Facilitation

Alexis is founder, managing partner and process designer of freims: a consultancy firm in Vienna which works on the issues of transformation, innovation and impact in public and private organizations. All our activities are primarily based on the creative potential, passion and unique knowledge of the people within their organization. A main focus of freims: activities is to work with political and governmental institutions, public administration, international organizations and ngo’s. Alexis is also the founder of Impact Hub Vienna.


Fabian Gampp

Workshop Facilitation

Fabian is a Designer based in Berlin with a focus on social innovation. With a broad background in Communication-Design, Interaction-Design and Design Thinking, he bridges disciplines ranging from Art Direction, Concept development to User Experience creating innovative services and products to drive change within society.


Virginie Gailing

Workshop Facilitation

Since her studies in industrial design at ENSCI-Les Ateliers in Paris, Virginie is a firm believer that design goes further than conceptualizing dysfunctional lemon squeezers. From concept design to prospective scenarios, and passing by information systems, Virginie has explored the power of her design skills in various industries – from shampoos to space stations. Her recent experiences have been focused on cities with Ub Trends, a french thinking club dedicated to urban lifestyle, where she explores new collaborative and visual tools to think of urban life.


Veronika Schubring

Workshop Facilitation

With A Master of Public Policy, a background in business, and strategic CSR and Design Thinking experience, Veronika has worked as a facilitator and business consultant for strengthening capacity for innovation and change as well as creativity in working cultures. She is a cofounder of the innovation workshop projekt:raum in Rostock’s Warnow Valley, which is the anchor point and inspiration for her daily work.


Susanne Stauch

Workshop Facilitation

Susanne teaches design strategy and user research at universities in Berlin and holds academic degrees in Industrial Design, Systemic Consulting & Design Thinking. Currently she is a guest professor at UdK, where she supervises on transformative design projects with a post-industrial emphasis. Her work is characterised by a holistic approach, in which human beings and their needs are always at the center. She is researching the intersection of design, sociology and psychology to find new methods of cooperation and sustainable problem-solving strategies.


Wiebke Koch

Graphic Facilitation

Wiebke has many years of experience as a facilitator, coach and trainer at the intersection between society, politics and economy. Since 2002 she has accompanied changemakers who are dedicated to the solution of societal problems and supports startups in their strategic orientation. As co-founder of vizthink Berlin she works professionally using graphic recording and visual facilitation to get to the core of the matter faster, more easily and more playfully.


Julia Balanowski

Communication & PR

Julia has studied Theater, Media and Public Policy and has many years of experience in projects at the interface of the public sector, NGO’s, private business and academia. Her main topics are Education, Participation, Good Governance, Energy and Climate. She is an expert in strategic communication and public affairs and knows well how to connect stakeholders. Her passion is to create innovative project ideas.


Jahn Harrison

Communication & Social Media

Jahn has a background in the music industry, as an experienced Director of Radio Promotion for the International Division of Universal Music Group in Germany. Having spent several weeks over the last few years in a favela in Rio de Janeiro, and the mega city São Paulo, his upcoming master thesis in Public Policy is dedicated to examining how social action and participatory processes in “marginalised” communities of the global south can enable the inhabitants to foster their own conditions for change.


Mai El-Gammal

Kommunikation & Social Media

Mai is a Master in Management student, focussing New media and Cultural studies. Her research explores the interlinkage between business, society and the third sector. Mai’s professional background gathers diverse experiences in the cultural sector in Egypt and the MENA region, where she engaged with various projects and initiatives that promote social change and cultural awareness like education for constitutional and social rights as well as annual festivals that encourage audiences and performers to engage with the city in a new way.


Rahman Satti

Videos & Documentation

Rahman has been active for many years as an activist and producer in the field of African diaspora and the media. Trained as a film producer, he enriched his experienced background with a Master in Public Policy. For over 12 years he has worked as a multimedia producer, including for the Federal Agency for Civic Education and is involved as a diversity coach in the area of civil society.


Alexandra Weltz

Video & Documentation

Alexandra Weltz-Rombach works as a filmmaker in Berlin. Her credits as author, director and camera include several online films for the NGO ECCHR (2009-2015), a media station on “Euthanasia in the hospitals of Berlin-Buch during the Third Reich” (2015), the documentary “Casa Luz” about a Peruvian orphanage (2012), ARTE-documentary “Marx reloaded” (2010), an online series on the Junta trials in Argentina (2009), the educational documentary “Digital Handcraft. Conditions of Labor in Computer Industries” (2008), a portrait of “Antonio Negri” for Arte/ZDF (2004) as well a number of cross-media projects.


Constanze Flamme


Constanze studied Communication Design at the Fachhochschule Potsdam and Photography at the Geriet Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam. For her work on the consequences of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico she received project funding from VG Bildkunst. Her photography workshops with young people touch on questions regarding personal development and awareness in dealing with society and media. Cooperation with the NGOs N-Ost and Mit-Ost expands her range into the journalistic field and the documentation of cultural management exchange programs and cultural events.


Anja Wiesinger


Anja is a unicorn in tech with a diploma in Art History and Cultural Studies. Since 2000 she has experienced, researched and designed the Internet at the intersection between culture and technology as an online editor, code hacker, providing strategic advice to companies, putting theory into practice. She has worked in scientific and creative collaborations with institutions including the HFG Offenbach, the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science and the Transmediale in Berlin.


Elizabeth Calderón Lüning

Organizational Support

Elizabeth is chair and co-founder of common grounds e.V. and holds a diploma political science. She works as a coordinator for the association and in the project organization and planning of Neigbourhood Academy – Prinzessinnengarten in Berlin. As an organizational developer and facilitator, she mainly advises on issues of urban participation and citizen participation for environmental issues.