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What we offer and co-design

We support public sector representatives in initiating political processes that put human well-being and civic participation at the forefront. This is based on strategies and approaches from the field of design and Design Thinking. For us, design is synonymous with conscious human activity that brings society closer to certain ideals.

Possible results of our cooperation with you, for example, could be redesigned services, creative ideas for simplified administrative processes and effective products, or the establishment of new procedures and a different working culture. We use various techniques, for example: co-creation, for developing common solutions; prototyping to test potential solutions quickly and inexpensively; and user research, through which we develop empathy for the living conditions of the target group.

Whether in a three-day workshop or one-year project, according to your question, we design formats in which we explore the problem with you and other stakeholders in order to develop new, human-centered approaches to thinking and acting.

We employ established procedures from the field of design together with policy makers and administrators. Based on your interests, you will gain insights through research and practice, and acquire new skills during seminars and hackathons with our experts for new learning.