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Für Wen

For who and with whom we work

Are you part of an institution that wants to reduce bureaucracy and costs, play an active role in digitization, is considering the design of the work environment 4.0, attempts to strengthen cooperation with civil society and citizens or is willing to introduce new working methods and decision-making processes? Then we should get to know each other.

With us, people from politics and administration discover a laboratory where they can experiment with new methods. We support players who want to develop social and technological innovations from their organization outwards. A collaborative approach is important to us. That is why, for us, you are not a client, but rather a partner.

In everything we do, we take the perspectives of the people involved into account. Together with experts, users, scientists, citizens, politicians, and designers, we find creative solutions to complex challenges. We do not work alone – we rely on your expertise and that of others.