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A learning environment for tomorrow’s politics

Innovative approaches to shaping our future together

How do we want to live tomorrow? This question drives not only citizens, but also innovations in the public sector. To find answers, there is a need for political infrastructures that are prepared for challenges which can only be overcome through cooperation, tolerance and diversity.

In order to remain relevant, politics requires new frameworks for addressing social, ecological and economic uncertainties. Together we will develop new approaches to political processes and innovations in the public sector, with human well-being and civic participation as their focus.

Our goal is to facilitate interesting connections between established and unconventional actors and to create a new interplay between social and technological innovations. For this, we offer different formats for exchange, experimentation and learning.


    • P4T Meetup

      Invitation to P°litics f°r T°m°rr°w  Meetup Special

      The next meet up will be special! Together we’ll explore during an „Inspiration Sprint“ how you imagine the policymaking of the near future,

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    •  _MG_4508_1

      Design Thinking als kreatives Lehrformat und als Methode, um die Universität von Morgen zu gestalten? 15 Professoren und Dozenten der litauischen Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) probierten genau das aus.

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    • FW_Newsletter3

      Am 7. Juni fand die Jahreskonferenz der Plattform Forschungswende statt, organisiert von Steffi Ober und Caroline Paulick-Thiel. Die Zivilgesellschaftliche Plattform Forschungswende unterstützt seit 2012 den Aufbau einer transdisziplinären Forschungs- und Innovationspolitik.

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    • SJ_Matrix_deutsch

      Article for the Yearbook “Innovative State” 2016

      New working and learning cultures between government and citizens, as well as the combination of social and technological innovations are necessary foundations for an “innovative state”.

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